Black Jack Turkey Mouth Calls (11 Types)

Loose Cannon Outdoors

The 'Double Down Bat' call is a higher pitch call that requires less air to use and is perfect for soft calling.

The 'Double Down Combo' is perfect for kee kee runs to the most realistic yelps and bubbly purrs.

The 'Blind Bet' is perfect for fall or spring calling and produces perfect kee kee runs, soft clucks and purrs, and clear tone yelps.

The 'Cut Card' will produce perfect, sharp cuts and raspy yelps of an old hen that is sure to ring that gobbler's bell.

The 'Double Down Reverse Combo' is for anyone that prefers a reverse combo style call; it can truly tackle all key points on a gobbler's agenda.

The 'Split Aces' is perfect for making sharp cuts, raspy yelps, and soft clucks and purrs.

The 'Queen of Hearts' call will do it all! From perfect yelps to loud cutting sequences, to quiet clucks, purrs, and whines.

'The Anchor Man' is perfect if you're trying to reach out and locate a gobbler or seal the deal in gun or bow range.

'All In' can do it all! Whether on the stage or in the woods, if you favor a reverse combo cut this is your call.

The 'Snake Eyes' can do everything under the sun: raspy two-tone yelps, soft clucks and purrs, aggressive fighting purrs, sharp cuts, and even a kee kee!

The 'New Player' is designed for new players to the mouth calling game who want to hone the mechanical aspect of a mouth call.

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