Black Jack Elk Mouth Calls

Loose Cannon Outdoors

The 'High Stakes - Herd Bull' is designed specifically for the deepest, most realistic bugles. But, it is also capable of making clear, crisp cow sounds. If your goal is to make that old herd bull angry and make him play your game, this is your call.

The 'High Stakes - Single' is made for everyone. From beginners to pros and everyone in between. We designed this call with the intention to work for anyone who wants to begin or continue their elk endeavors.

The 'High Stakes - Double Reed' can do it all. From the most subtle cow sounds to an aggressive bugle, this is our most versatile elk call. When the altitude is high and so are the stakes, don't get caught without one of these. 

Collections: All American Pro Shop, Game Calls

Type: Game Call

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