Black Jack Deer Calls

Loose Cannon Outdoors

Made with a weather-resistant laminated wood barrel capable of producing the most realistic whitetail sounds possible. A duel wood combo design enables true-tone resonance of the rut-fueled sounds you're looking for: buck grunts from young to old, tending grunts, as well as doe and fawn bleats. 

Increase your odds with the Bank Roll Classic. Made with a maple wood barrel, this call provides improved sound resonance and the sound variety you demand. This call is capable of producing realistic buck grunts from young to old, as well as doe and fawn bleats.

The Bank Roll Green call includes a flexible ribbed tube channel allowing callers of all levels to produce realistic, deep guttural grunts and doe and fawn bleats in any direction. 

Collections: All American Pro Shop, Game Calls

Type: Game Call

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