On September 25, 2021, the Trashmaster Classic was a HUGE Success, so lets make 2022 even better!

2021 was a Record Setting year

Our first annual Trashmaster Classic on Lake Raystown in Pennsylvania pulled out over three tons of garbage from the lake including:
 ✅ 19 tires
 ✅ 7 picnic tables
 ✅ 5 docks
 ✅ 2 hot water heaters
 ✅ Countless bottles and other debris

The Real Heroes are the Volunteers

We had over 30 volunteers show up for this event! These people took time out of their busy lives to help make one of Pennsylvania's most beautiful lakes, even more beautiful. 

Everyone at Loose Cannon cannot thank these volunteers and sponsors enought for making this day happen.

How to get involved

Registration is free and is open for 2022! It will be held on National Public Lands Day, September 24, 2022. For information about the event, please reach out to Rob by emailing:

Or Register Directly with this link:
Trashmaster Classic 2022 Registration

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