our purpose:
Forge a New path in conservation

Loose Cannon Outdoors recognizes the challenge nearly all wildlife management and conservation organizations face - funding. Everyone is fighting for their slice of the pie and the pie is only so big. We’re here to help by making that pie a lot bigger.

We envision a future where wildlife management agencies can get the funding they need with less red tape; a future where the industry that drives people to enjoy the outdoors also drives the preservation of wildlife and wild places for public enjoyment; a future where those conservation dollars are derived from American-made products and strengthens our economy; and a future where the outdoor experience is accessible and always improving. We are here to forge the path to a better future for conservation.

the mission


25% for conservation

To support our mission, Loose Cannon Outdoors is donating 25% of all pre-tax profits on every item we sell directly back into conservation efforts. This is at least 5x more than most in the outdoor industry. We support conservation over maximizing our profit margin, and that is how you make a difference. We aim to be a pioneer in donations to conservation.


All Loose Cannon Outdoors products are made in the USA. When we say made, we mean designed, printed, assembled, labeled, and manufactured right here. Sourcing American-made products is never the easy way, but we aren’t here to take the easy route. We also support American small business owners, the lifeblood of the economy, by only selling our products through American small businesses across the country as well as through our online store.

Biodegradable packaging

Be the solution! Rather than contribute to the plastic problem, we ship our products in environmentally friendly containers.

25 Percent

You heard RIGHT! We aren't messing around. Twenty-five percent of our profits will fund conservation projects. Help us grow so we can do bigger and better things!


As outdoors people, it is our duty to keep the trails, lakes, rivers, woods, etc. clean. Next time you are out enjoying nature, take a look around, throw on a pair of gloves, and we bet you can fill a bag of trash.

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