August 19, 2020

        For the inaugural Juniata River Cleanup, a group of LCO founding members set out to achieve one goal: to rid a section of the Juniata River of trash. The plan was to float the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River in Huntingdon, PA from the dam release at Raystown Lake down as far as time allowed. We chose a takeout of SR-829, the first bridge crossing after the confluence with the main river. Equipped with trash bags and canoes, we got to work.
          We were met with flurries of garbage, beautiful scenery, fellow floaters, and even a kind camp owner who launched us frosty beverages into the river with a water balloon slingshot. Upon reaching the takeout we tallied our bounty while the drivers retrieved the trucks. We are elated to report that the river section we floated is now devoid of 7 bags of trash, two tires, and a flask full of brandy. We decided to hold on to that last item for safe keeping.  


This cleanup is the first of many cleanups to come. As we begin to build our conservation fund, Loose Cannon Outdoors will be able to sponsor larger scale cleanups and projects. 


Conservation is everyones job, and if you enjoy the outdoors, like we do, we CHALLENGE YOU!

 Take an extra bag with you on your fishing trip or hike out into the woods. Fill it up with trash, post a picture, and tag us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. #GetTrashed

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