Fenwick Island Cleanup

Rob Lusk and Alex Van Pelt - Sept 21, 2020

Fenwick Island cleanup

While planning an annual surf fishing trip, we recalled the amount of trash we saw on the beach every year. Knowing the Delaware parks put a hold on beach cleanups for the summer due to COVID-19, we decided to take the initiative and give back to the beaches we enjoy so much. After contacting Delaware Seashore State Park, our group of founders and close friends were assigned by the parks maintenance staff to a 2.5 mile stretch of beach at Fenwick Island State Park.

divide and Conquer.

We split up into 2 teams and after a few hours, our team was able to rid the beach of broken beach umbrellas, chairs, canopies, an entire cart of used firewood, and 5 bags of assorted trash.   

What really bummed us out was to see the majority of those 5 bags were filled with plastic. As larger pieces of plastic degrade, they become micro plastics, which are currently being studied for fear that they pose a large threat to the marine ecosystem. 

Heres how you can help out!

For every piece of apparel, sticker, or gear on our website that is sold, a significant portion of the profits goes towards the funding of cleanups like these. Trash bags, gloves, grabbers, or the recycling fees of an old tire are all costs of doing a cleanup. Lets make the world a cleaner place.

Always bring a bag with you for trash. Next time you go to the beach, use that bag to pack out your trash and pick up some extra trash on your way out.

Only a small portion of the garbage collected

Despite being a tad disheartened at what we had found, the ocean didn’t let us down. We went on to catch quite a few species of fish that weekend and several dozen crabs, which contributed to a great feast on the final day of the trip.

Check out some of our shirts from our store now to help fund conservation projects. Everything is MADE IN THE USA.

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